Create your own laser show

Product Details


Spaghetti Laser Show is a time line based Windows application for designing and playing laser light shows. It meets the modest requirements of the amateur while offering features and performance that you will find in applications designed for professionals.


  • Create and play choreographed laser shows that are synchronized with audio or video.
    • Drag and drop show creation
    • Effects include rotation, zoom/pan, color change, waves, fade, and more.
    • TrueType text to laser conversion for adding text to laser shows
    • Controls TTL and DMX-512 devices (with supported adapter)
    • Unlimited number of show tracks
    • Controls multiple projectors and devices simultaneously
  • Creates laser shows play lists for a complete hand-off laser show experience.
  • Create, import, and export ILDA files, including complete export of laser shows.
  • Display web camera and video as laser output in real time and save to ILDA files.
  • Multilanguage: English, German, Russian, and French
  • Blackout and Blindspots for maximum theater darkness and target area masking (great for beam shows!)

Supported ILDA Controllers (DACs):

  • Showtacle Moncha and Fiesta
  • JMLaser EasyLase ® USB , EasyLase II, NetLase
  • RIYA
  • IDN (ILDA Digital Network) capable devices (see
  • Pangolin QM2000
  • Minilumax Light Interface
  • iShow (up to version 2.3)  (Works only on 32 bit OSes)
  • LaserDock
  • Helios
  • Modified sound cards
  • Norm’s FrameStream Express
  • DACs with MLD drivers

Supported TTL Controllers:

  • USBMicro U401/U421
  • EasyLase ® USB
  • RIYA
  • Minilumax Light Interface

Supported DMX Controllers:

  • EasyLase ® USB
  • RIYA
  • Minilumax Light Interface

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows 7 or later
  • Modern multicore CPU for best performance
  • 2 GB RAM or more